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For scholarly citation of texts please cite the appropriate database and identifying number,
for example eTK 0004C, eTK 0574, eVK2 5606.00 or eVK2 3451

.i Incipit
.a Author
.aa Attributed Author
.tl Title
.m Manuscript Location
.ml Manuscript Library
.mf Folios or Pages
.j Subject Descriptors
.b Bibliographical Info
.k Manuscript ID (eTK)
.vk Manuscript ID (eVK2)
.n Record Number

eVK2 2187.00 (1 citation)
.i Here beginneth a short treatise for a man to know which times of the year is best to graft or to plant
.e ME
.te Prol.
.st When the moon is in
.m Oxford
.ml Bodleian, Bodley 591
.mf f. 157v
.b1 Cf. Aberystwyth NLW Brogyntyn II.1 (olim Porkington 10) and Oxford Bod. Bod. 591
.vk 2187.00
.n v0031240000

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